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The Romans Road

to Salvation






Thank You, Lord,

For Saying "No"





































Welcome to The First Baptist Church of Parrish

Fulfilling the Great comMISSION! in Parrish, Florida


  Rev. Joe Skidmore, Pastor

Message from Rev. Joe Skidmore

     All are welcome to our friendly church in Parrish, Florida. Come see for yourself how you will feel at home with our people. We will worship the Lord Jesus and learn the greatest news one could hear today.

     We live in a troubled world, are you prepared?


 Our Church

  The First Baptist Church of Parrish is a Southern Baptist Church and a part of the Manatee Southern Baptist Association.

     It was established in 1903 as the Oak Hill Baptist Church.  The original building still stands and is used for youth gatherings and receptions.

     Our pastor, Rev. Joe Skidmore, welcomes you to worship with us as we enjoy new and old hymns & choruses and the gospel is presented in truth and power.

     We make no apology for mans' need of salvation because of his lost condition in sin.  We teach the necessity of a separated Christian life, free from the elements of the world and the flesh.

     We preach the fact of the imminent return of Jesus to call his people into the clouds of the  air, the judgment seat of Christ where believers give answer to their Christian life and the marriage feast of the Lamb.

     We call sinners to repent and come to Jesus knowing one day those outside of a saving relationship with Jesus will stand in the judgment hall of God, to be condemned to eternity in hell, separated from God and Heaven.


Come Join Our Morning Worship Service

First Baptist Church
12125 71st Street East
P.O. Box 195
Parrish, FL 34219

Pastor, Rev. Joe Skidmore




The Hands



What Jesus Means

to Others










































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